CA Health & Safety Code Section 123520


In developing a comprehensive system, health care providers funded under this article may perform the following activities to ensure that a full range of program components of a comprehensive, community-based health care system are available, accessible, and utilized by pregnant women and infants:


Coordinate specific linkages with one another.


Subcontract the services specified in this article.


Provide additional services not specifically listed in this article. These additional services shall include, but shall not be limited to the Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) food supplement program, services offered by local health departments, and public and private social welfare agencies. Nothing contained in this article shall be construed to prohibit a subcontractor from being reimbursed pursuant to a fee for service, capitation, or other payment mechanism.


All services and educational materials shall be provided in the primary languages of the clients served, provided that there are at least 5 percent or 100 persons, whichever is less, of the total beneficiary population served annually by each facility, who share language other than English and who are limited-English speaking. “Limited-English speaking” means a person who uses a language other than English in order to communicate effectively.


Health care providers applying for a contract, grant, or agreement under this article shall indicate the manner in which their service elements will be coordinated with existing community resources and services and with hospitals of all levels in the area to ensure each client receives the appropriate level or care at the appropriate time. The department may require written agreements between contractors and hospital or hospitals in the area regarding delivery services, and protocols for referral and transfer when special treatment services are required. The department may, when requested by the grantee or contractor, assist in achieving coordination and written agreements pertaining to the delivery of these services.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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