California Government Code

Sec. § 8314.5


In furtherance of Section 8314 and except as provided in subdivision (b), it shall be unlawful for any elected state or local officer, including any state or local appointee, employee, or consultant, to knowingly use a state-owned or state-leased computer to access, view, download, or otherwise obtain obscene matter.


This section does not apply to accessing, viewing, downloading, or otherwise obtaining obscene matter for use consistent with legitimate law enforcement purposes, to permit a state agency to conduct an administrative disciplinary investigation, or for legitimate medical, scientific, academic, or legislative purposes, or for other legitimate state purposes.


“Obscene matter” as used in this section has the meaning specified in Section 311 of the Penal Code.


“State-owned or state-leased computer” means a computer owned or leased by one of the following:


A state agency, as defined by Section 11000, including the California State University.


The University of California.


The Legislature.


This section shall not apply to the University of California unless and until the Regents of the University of California act, by resolution, to make it applicable.

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Jun. 6, 2016