CA Gov't Code Section 57150

All proper expenses incurred in conducting elections for a change of organization or reorganization pursuant to this chapter shall be paid, unless otherwise provided by agreement between the commission and the proponents, as follows:


In the case of annexation or detachment proceedings, by the local agency to or from which territory is annexed, or from which territory is detached, or was proposed to be annexed or detached.


In the case of incorporation or formation proceedings, by the newly incorporated city or the newly formed district, if successful, or by the county within which the proposed city or district is located, if the incorporation or formation proceedings are terminated. In the case of a separate election for city officers held following the election for incorporation pursuant to Section 56724, by the newly incorporated city.


In the case of disincorporation or dissolution proceedings, from the remaining assets of the disincorporated city or dissolved district or by the city proposed to be disincorporated or the district proposed to be dissolved if disincorporation or dissolution proceedings are terminated.


In the case of consolidation proceedings, by the successor city or district or by the local agencies proposed to be consolidated, to be paid by those local agencies in proportion to their respective assessed values, if proceedings are terminated.


In the case of a reorganization, by either of the following:


If the reorganization is ordered, by the subject local agencies or successor local agencies, as the case may be, for any of the changes of organization specified in subdivisions (a) to (d), inclusive, that may be included in the particular reorganization, to be paid by those local agencies in proportion to their assessed value.


If the reorganization proceedings are terminated or the proposal is defeated, by the county or counties within which the subject local agency is located.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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