California Government Code

Sec. § 57146


On the basis of the time reasonably necessary to prepare and print the arguments, analysis, and sample ballots for the election, the elections official shall fix and determine a reasonable date prior to the election after which no arguments for or against the measure may be submitted for printing and distribution to the voters. Notice of the date fixed shall be published in accordance with Section 56153 in a newspaper of general circulation which is circulated in the affected territory. Arguments may be changed until and including the date fixed by the elections official.


The notice shall contain all of the following information:


A statement of the proposition to be voted on and a general description of the boundaries of the affected territory.


An invitation to any registered voter or association of citizens entitled to vote on the proposal to submit and file with the elections official for printing and distribution in the ballot pamphlet, an argument for or an argument against the proposal.


The date of the election.


A statement that only one argument for and one argument against will be selected and printed in the ballot pamphlet.


A statement that arguments shall not exceed 300 words in length and shall be accompanied by not more than five signatures.

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