CA Gov't Code Section 57135


If any of the terms and conditions have the effect of imposing or increasing liability for payment of (1) taxes or assessments to be levied and collected, (2) service charges, rentals, or rates to be fixed and collected, or (3) both, upon or within all or any part of the territory affected by the proposed change of organization or reorganization, the question shall contain a very brief summary of the purpose, nature, and extent of the liability and shall refer to the order ordering the change of organization or reorganization for particulars. The legislative body may include in the question a summary of any of the other terms and conditions.


No reference need be made to any liability for payment of any of the following to be imposed for the usual and ordinary support, management, and operation of any district:


Annual taxes or assessments.


Ordinary service charges, rentals, or rates.


Both taxes or assessments and service charges, rentals, or rates.


Where a summary is included in a question, there shall be added to the clause set forth in Section 57134 words substantially as follows: “Such terms and conditions including (set forth very brief summary), all as more particularly described and set forth in the order.”
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Aug. 19, 2023

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