CA Gov't Code Section 12712

As used in this chapter:


“County Tribal Casino Account” means an account consisting of all moneys paid by tribes of that county into the Indian Gaming Special Distribution Fund after deduction of the amounts appropriated pursuant to the priorities specified in Section 12012.85.


“Individual Tribal Casino Accounts” means an account for each individual tribe that has paid money into the Indian Gaming Special Distribution Fund. The individual tribal casino account shall be funded in proportion to the amount that the individual tribe has paid into the Indian Gaming Special Distribution Fund.


“Local government jurisdiction” or “local jurisdiction” means any city, county, or special district.


“Special district” means any agency of the state that performs governmental or proprietary functions within limited boundaries. “Special district” includes a county service area, a maintenance district or area, an improvement district or improvement zone, or any other zone, district, or area that meets the requirements of this subdivision. “Special district” does not include a city, county, school district, or community college district.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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