CA Food & Agric Code Section 46016.1


Any person may file a complaint with the secretary concerning suspected noncompliance with this act, as provided in Section 46000 or regulations adopted by the NOP.


The secretary shall, to the extent funds are available, establish procedures for handling complaints, including provision of a written complaint form, and procedures for commencing an investigation within three working days after receiving a complaint regarding fresh food, and within seven working days for other products, and completing an investigation and reporting findings and enforcement action taken, if any, to the complainant within 60 days thereafter.


The secretary may establish minimum information requirements to determine the verifiability of a complaint, and may provide for rejection of a complaint that does not meet the requirements. The secretary shall provide written notice of the reasons for rejection to the person filing the complaint.


The secretary shall carry out the functions and objectives of this act to the extent funds are available for those purposes.


The complaint process in this state must also meet all the complaint process outlined in regulations adopted by the NOP.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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