CA Food & Agric Code Section 46014.1


Any certification organization that certifies product in this state sold as organic shall register with the secretary and shall thereafter annually renew the registration, unless the organization is no longer engaged in the activities requiring the registration. Registration shall be on a form provided by the secretary, shall include a copy of accreditation by the USDA or proof of application if applicable.


Each certification organization shall pay to the secretary an annual registration fee of twenty-five dollars ($25) for each client they have certified in this state up to a maximum of two hundred fifty dollars ($250). Any registration submitted by a certification organization shall be made available to the public for inspection and copying. The secretary may audit the organization’s certification procedures and records at any time, but any records of the certification organization not otherwise required to be disclosed shall be kept confidential by the secretary.


The secretary and the county agricultural commissioners under the supervision of the secretary shall, if requested by a sufficient number of persons to cover the costs of the program in a county as determined by the secretary, establish a certification program. This program shall meet all of the requirements of this act. In addition, this program shall meet all of the requirements of the federal certification program, including federal accreditation. The secretary shall establish a fee schedule for participants in this program that covers all of the department’s reasonable costs of the program. A county agricultural commissioner that conducts a voluntary certification program pursuant to this section shall establish a fee schedule for participants in this program that covers all of the county’s reasonable costs of the program. The secretary may not expend funds obtained from registration fees collected under this chapter for the purposes of adopting or administering this program. The certification fee authorized by this subdivision is due and payable on January 1 or may be prorated before the 10th day of the month following the month in which the decision to grant the certification is issued. Any person who does not pay the amount that is due within the required period shall pay the enforcement authority providing the certificate a penalty of 10 percent of the total amount determined to be due, plus interest at the rate of 1.5 percent interest per month on the unpaid balance.
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