CA Fin Code Section 50307.1

The commissioner may, as he or she deems necessary, require licensees to provide reports concerning their residential mortgage loan servicing activities, including, but not limited to, information similar to that collected in connection with the Mortgage Servicers Survey, first published by the Department of Business Oversight in December 2007. The commissioner is additionally authorized to seek and accept information provided on a voluntary basis by residential mortgage loan servicers not subject to the commissioner’s jurisdiction. The commissioner shall post only aggregated survey results on the department’s Internet Web site, and shall note the number of loan servicers submitting data included in the aggregated totals and the estimated percentage of outstanding mortgage loans to Californians that are serviced by these loan servicers, to the extent information on the number of outstanding loans is available from a reliable source. Nothing in this section is intended to reduce or change the commissioner’s authority to request and demand reports under Section 50307.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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