CA Fam Code Section 7881


Notice of the proceeding shall be given by service of a citation on the father or mother of the child, if the place of residence of the father or mother is known to the petitioner. If the place of residence of the father or mother is not known to the petitioner, then the citation shall be served on the grandparents and adult brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, and first cousins of the child, if there are any and if their residences and relationships to the child are known to the petitioner.


The citation shall advise the person or persons that they may appear at the time and place stated in the citation. The citation shall also advise the person or persons of the rights and procedures set forth in Article 4 (commencing with Section 7860). If the petition is filed for the purpose of freeing the child for placement for adoption, the citation shall so state.


The citation shall be served in the manner provided by law for the service of a summons in a civil action, other than by publication. If one parent has relinquished the child for the purpose of adoption, or has signed a consent for adoption as provided in Sections 8700, 8814, or 9003, notice as provided in this section need not be given to the parent who has signed the relinquishment or consent.


Service of the citations required by this section shall be made at least 10 days before the time stated in the citation for the appearance.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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