CA Elec Code Section 3018


Any voter using a vote by mail ballot may, prior to the close of the polls on election day, vote the ballot at the office of the elections official. The voter shall vote the ballot in the presence of an officer of the elections official or in a voting booth, at the discretion of the elections official, but in no case may his or her vote be observed. Where direct recording electronic voting systems, as defined in subdivision (b) of Section 19271, are used the elections official shall provide sufficient direct recording electronic voting systems to include all ballot types in the election.


For purposes of this section, the office of an elections official may include satellite locations. Notice of the satellite locations shall be made by the elections official by the issuance of a general news release, issued not later than 14 days prior to voting at the satellite location, except that in a county with a declared emergency or disaster, notice shall be made not later than 48 hours prior to voting at the satellite location. The news release shall set forth the following information:


The satellite location or locations.


The dates and hours the satellite location or locations will be open.


A telephone number that voters may use to obtain information regarding vote by mail ballots and the satellite locations.


Vote by mail ballots voted at a satellite location pursuant to this section shall be placed in a vote by mail voter identification envelope to be completed by the voter pursuant to Section 3011. However, if the elections official provides sufficient direct recording electronic voting systems such that all ballot types in the election may be cast, the vote by mail ballot may be cast on a direct recording electronic voting system.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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