CA Educ Code Section 90073

The proceeds from the sale of all bonds and notes authorized under this article, except those proceeds used to redeem outstanding bonds or notes, shall be deposited forthwith by the Treasurer, on order of the Controller, in the State Treasury to the credit of a fund to be designated as the California State University Dormitory Construction Fund, which is hereby created. The money in the California State University Dormitory Construction Fund shall be expended, pursuant to claims filed by the board with the Controller, for the purposes authorized by this article, or as provided in the indenture or notes, and for any other purposes, subject to the restrictions provided by law, by the notes, or by the indenture, as may be authorized by resolution of the board. In carrying out these purposes, the money may be used to make loans to builders and developers for the establishment, acquisition, or construction of projects, to acquire leasehold interests in projects, or otherwise to provide funds for projects in any manner that the board may authorize by resolution. Moneys required to meet the costs of acquisition, construction, improvement, equipment, furnishing, financing, or refinancing of any project authorized by this article, and all costs incident thereto, shall be paid from the California State University Dormitory Construction Fund as provided in this article upon claim filed by the board and after audit by the Controller in the manner provided by law and upon warrants drawn by the Controller.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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