CA Educ Code Section 89750.5


Notwithstanding Sections 948 and 965.2 of the Government Code or any other law, the trustees may settle, adjust, or compromise any pending action or final judgment, without the need for a recommendation, certification, or approval from any other state officer or entity. The Controller shall draw a warrant for the payment of any settlement, adjustment, or compromise, or final judgment against the trustees if the trustees certify that a sufficient appropriation for the payment of the settlement, adjustment, compromise, or final judgment exists.


Notwithstanding paragraph (3) of subdivision (b) of Section 905.2 of the Government Code or any other law, the trustees may pay any claim for money or damages on express contract or for an injury for which the trustees or their officers or employees are liable, without approval of the Department of General Services, if the trustees determine that payment of the claim is in the best interests of the California State University and that funds are available to pay the claim. The authority of the trustees conferred by this subdivision does not alter any other requirements governing claims in the Government Claims Act (Division 3.6 (commencing with Section 810) of Title 1 of the Government Code), except to grant the trustees authority to pay these claims.


Notwithstanding Chapter 3 (commencing with Section 13940) of Part 4 of Division 3 of Title 2 of the Government Code, the trustees may discharge from accountability the sum of one thousand dollars ($1,000) or less, owing to the California State University, if the trustees determine that the money is uncollectible or the amount does not justify the cost of collection. A discharge of accountability by the trustees does not release any person from the payment of any moneys due the California State University.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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