CA Educ Code Section 78265.2


It is the intent of the Legislature that the pilot program attract and admit a diverse and talented pool of students likely to succeed in an innovative program model setting.


To effectuate the legislative intent expressed in subdivision (a), both of the following shall occur:


In selecting students for admission to the pilot program, participating campuses may use a diagnostic assessment tool identified by the chancellor’s office pursuant to Section 78261. The use of a diagnostic assessment tool by a participating campus shall be part of a comprehensive program-based support system for students who need skills enhancement prior to entering the program. When the number of applicants for the pilot program exceeds the capacity to admit students, a participating campus may do either of the following when that process is deemed feasible:


Administer the multicriteria screening process established under Section 78261.5.


Give preference to students who have participated in a health science pathway program, including, but not limited to, a California Partnership Health Science and Medical Technology Academy, or a Career Advancement Academy.


Participating campuses shall provide support services to help students complete the pilot program. These support services shall include, but not necessarily be limited to, the presence of student success advisers, tutors, mentors, appropriate financial assistance, and aid in placing students who complete the program in appropriate internships.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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