CA Educ Code Section 66021.1


For purposes of this section “student” includes undergraduate, graduate, and professional degree students.


The California State University shall, and the University of California is requested to, report annually to the Legislature on their respective institutional financial aid programs. The California State University shall, and the University of California is requested, to provide preliminary reports on or before January 10 of each year, and final reports on or before March 31 of each year.


The preliminary reports shall include all of the following:


A description of the goals, terms, and policies of each of the university’s institutional aid programs, including eligibility criteria, allocation of financial aid awards, fee waivers, and other relevant information.


A description and explanation of any changes the university has made to any of these policies since the prior year, and any changes the university intends to make for the next academic year.


The total amount the university expended on institutional aid for students, disaggregated by student level, for the two prior academic years, the current year, and a projection for the next year, and the average and 90th percentile undergraduate institutional aid award amount provided per recipient for the prior two academic years and the current academic year.


The average and 90th percentile parental income level, expected family contribution, and the financial need of undergraduate need-based student institutional gift aid recipients for the prior two academic years.


For the prior year, the current year, and the budget year, an analysis identifying the estimated number of undergraduates with financial need; their aggregate cost of attendance and aggregate expected federal parent contribution; the aggregate amount of financial aid, including federal gift aid, state gift aid, institutional need-based aid, institutional merit-based aid, other institutional gift aid, and private gift aid, received by these students; the aggregate remaining amount to be met by work, borrowing, or other means; and an explanation of the estimated change in aggregate student need in the budget year resulting from changes in the cost of attendance, and other factors, including any fee increases proposed by the university in its fall budget proposal. The explanation shall include an estimate of the extent to which cost increases will be offset by federal, state, and institutional financial aid programs.


The typical financial aid package for a typical dependent undergraduate student with a parent income of twenty thousand dollars ($20,000), forty thousand dollars ($40,000), sixty thousand dollars ($60,000), eighty thousand dollars ($80,000), and one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000).


The final report shall include all of the following for the prior academic year:


An aggregate summary of financial aid awarded to students, including scholarships, grants, waivers, loans, and work-study awards from federal, state, institutional, and private sources.


Indicators of the effectiveness of the university’s aid programs in achieving the university’s stated goals related to financial aid.


To the extent the university provides the information requested in subdivision (c) or (d) in reports to its governing board or in other university publications, those reports or publications may be submitted to the Legislature to satisfy this request.
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