CA Educ Code Section 44270.1


The minimum requirements for the professional services credential with a specialization in administrative services are all of the following:


Possession of a valid preliminary administrative services credential, as specified in Section 44270.


A minimum of two years of successful experience in a full-time administrative position in a public school or private school of equivalent status, while holding the preliminary administrative services credential, as attested by the employing school district or agency, including, but not limited to, the department, in the case of state school administrators, and county offices of education, in the case of county school administrators.


Completion of a commission-approved program of advanced preparation. Each candidate, in consultation with employing school district personnel and university personnel, shall develop an individualized program of professional development activities for this advanced preparation program based upon individual needs. Each individualized program will include university coursework and may include, nonuniversity activities or advanced administrative field experiences. The commission shall adopt standards and criteria for the university programs of advanced preparation and nonuniversity activities.


The commission may, at the request of a credential candidate, grant a waiver, pursuant to subdivision (m) of Section 44225, of the requirement of university coursework upon its finding that the candidate, in consultation with personnel of the employing school district and personnel of the university, is not able to develop an individualized program of professional development for the advanced preparation program that meets the individual needs of the candidates.
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