CA Educ Code Section 44270


The minimum requirements for the preliminary services credential with a specialization in administrative services are all of the following:


Possession of one of the following:


A valid teaching credential requiring the possession of a baccalaureate degree and a professional preparation program including student teaching.


A valid designated subjects career technical education, adult education, or special subjects teaching credential, as specified in Section 44260, 44260.1, 44260.2, 44260.3, or 44260.4, provided the candidate also possesses a baccalaureate degree.


A valid services credential with a specialization in pupil personnel, health, or clinical or rehabilitative services, as specified in Section 44266, 44267, 44267.5, or 44268, or a valid services credential authorizing service as a teacher librarian, as specified in Section 44269.


A valid credential issued under the laws, rules, and regulations in effect on or before December 31, 1971, which authorizes the same areas as in subparagraphs (B) and (C).


Completion of a minimum of three years of successful, full-time classroom teaching experience in the public schools, including, but not limited to, service in state- or county-operated schools, or in private schools of equivalent status or three years of experience in the fields of pupil personnel, health, clinical or rehabilitative, or librarian services.


Completion of an entry-level program of specialized and professional preparation in administrative services approved by the commission or a one-year internship in a program of supervised training in administrative services, approved by the commission as satisfying the requirements for the preliminary services credential with a specialization in administrative services.


Current employment in an administrative position after completion of professional preparation as defined in paragraph (3), whether full or part time, in a public school or private school of equivalent status. The commission shall encourage school districts to consider the recency of preparation or professional growth in school administration as one of the criteria for employment.


The preliminary administrative services credential shall be valid for a period of five years from the date of initial employment in an administrative position, whether full or part time, and shall not be renewable.


A candidate who completed, by September 30, 1984, the requirements for the administrative services credential in effect on June 30, 1982, is eligible for the credential authorized under those requirements. All other candidates shall satisfy the requirements set forth in this section.
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