CA Educ Code Section 44258.7


The holder of a standard secondary credential who, prior to September 1, 1989, has taught successfully in a subject within the department of his or her academic major or minor for a minimum of three years, as verified by the employing school district, may receive a supplementary authorization in that subject upon application, payment of a fee, which shall not exceed one-half of the regular credential fee, and evidence that one of the following has been accomplished:


Successful completion, by September 1, 1989, of a minimum of 12 semester units, or six upper division or graduate units, of coursework at an accredited institution in the subject.


The securing of a passing score on an examination in the subject approved by the Commission on Teacher Credentialing.


Verification of competence in the subject matter by a subject area specialist not associated with the employing school district.


A person who holds a teaching credential in a subject or subjects other than physical education may be authorized by action of the local governing board to coach one period per day in a competitive sport for which students receive physical education credit, provided that he or she is a full-time employee of the school district and has completed a minimum of 20 hours of first aid instruction appropriate for the specific sport.


A teacher employed on a full-time basis who teaches kindergarten or any of grades 1 to 12, inclusive, and who has special skills and preparation outside of his or her credential authorization may, with his or her consent, be assigned to teach an elective course in the area of the special skills or preparation, provided that the assignment is first approved by a committee on assignments. For purposes of this subdivision an “elective course” is a course other than English, mathematics, science, or social studies. The membership of the committee on assignments shall include an equal number of teachers, selected by teachers, and school administrators, selected by school administrators.


Assignments approved by the committee on assignments shall be for a maximum of one school year, but may be extended by action of the committee upon application by the schoolsite administrator and the affected teacher. All initial assignments or extensions shall be approved prior to the assignment or extension. Districts making assignments under this subdivision shall submit a plan to the county superintendent of schools which shall include, but need not be limited to, the following:


Statements signed by the district superintendent and the president or chairperson of the district governing board, approving the establishment of the committee.


Procedures for selection of the committee membership.


Terms of office for committee members.


Criteria for determining teachers’ qualifications for these assignments.


The Commission on Teacher Credentialing may develop and recommend general criteria that may be used by local committees on assignment in assessing a candidate’s qualifications.


The commission shall issue an Activity Supervisor Clearance Certificate to candidates serving in a position pursuant to subdivision (a) of Section 49024 upon verification of the candidate’s personal identification and verification that the candidate meets all professional requirements pursuant to Sections 44339, 44340, 44341, and 44346.5. Each certificate shall be issued initially for a five-year period and may be renewed. The commission shall establish a fee for the Activity Supervisor Clearance Certificate.
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