California Education Code
Sec. § 44254


The commission shall establish standards for a restricted reading certificate to enable holders of a teaching credential to provide the early and continuing development of reading and language arts skills and the earliest possible correction of a pupils reading difficulties.


The standards and qualifications for the restricted reading certificate shall include, but not be limited to, demonstrated knowledge of the following:


Current and confirmed research in the teaching of basic reading skills, including research in ongoing, diagnostic techniques that inform teaching and assessment.


Techniques for teaching basic reading skills that include direct instruction in phonemic awareness, direct systematic, explicit phonics, and comprehension skills.


Early intervention techniques.


A candidate for a restricted reading certificate shall receive, within a clinical setting, guided practice in all of the skills described in subdivision (b).


The commission may issue a restricted reading certificate to a holder of a teaching credential who meets the commissions standards.


For purposes of this section, direct systematic, explicit phonics means spelling patterns, the direct instruction of sound and symbol relationships, and practice in reading connected, decodable text.
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