CA Educ Code Section 44253.7


The Commission on Teacher Credentialing, based upon the availability of funds, shall develop objective and verifiable standards for an authorization for bilingual-cross-cultural competence for holders of an appropriate credential, certificate, authorization, or permit who will be serving English language learners. These authorizations may be issued to persons holding an appropriate credential or authorization issued by the commission, including, but not limited to, counselors; special education professionals, including, but not limited to, the holders of special education credentials, clinical services credentials, and school psychologist authorizations; and child development and preschool professionals.


Candidates for the authorization, by oral and written examination, or by completing an approved program that consists of coursework or a combination of coursework and examinations, shall demonstrate all of the following either at the same time as the initial preparation for the prerequisite credential or at a later date:


That the person is competent in both the oral and written skills of a language other than English.


That the person is competent in both the oral and written skills in the English language. A passing score on the reading and writing portions of the basic skills proficiency test administered pursuant to Section 44252.5 or in accordance with Section 44252 shall satisfy the written skills portion of this requirement.


That the person has both the knowledge and understanding of the cultural and historical heritage of the limited-English-proficient individuals to be served.


That the person has the ability to perform the services the candidate is certified or authorized to perform in English and in a language other than English.


The commission may develop rules and regulations setting forth objective and verifiable standards for approval of training programs leading to the authorizations issued pursuant to this section.


For the purpose of assessing the qualifications established by the commission in accordance with this section, the commission shall develop rules, regulations, or guidelines establishing an assessment system that may include local educational agencies, institutions of higher education, and qualified nonprofit bilingual testing agencies as assessor agencies.


It is not the intent of the Legislature in enacting this section that possession of any authorization established by this section be a state-mandated requirement for employment. It is the intent that this is a matter for local educational agencies to determine.
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