CA Educ Code Section 44252.8


The commission may defer the state basic skills proficiency test requirement in any case when illness, a family death, or another similar and justifiable personal reason prevented a credential applicant who had registered to take the test from taking the test, or in any case when circumstances entirely beyond the control of the applicant prevented his or her receipt of proof of having passed the test. However, the commission shall not grant a deferral to any person who has failed the state basic skills proficiency test. Any person granted a deferral pursuant to this section shall take the state basic skills proficiency test at the next available opportunity, or the deferral shall terminate. If any person granted a deferral fails to pass the test, the deferral shall terminate.


The commission shall keep a record of deferrals granted, the persons to whom they were granted, and the reasons for the deferrals.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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