CA Educ Code Section 44037

The governing board of any district shall grant leave of absence to any employee, serving in a position not requiring certification qualifications, regularly called for jury duty in the manner provided for by law. The governing board shall grant such leave with pay up to the amount of the difference between the employee’s regular earnings and any amount he receives as juror’s fees. It is unlawful for the governing board or personnel commission of any school district to adopt or maintain any rule, regulation, or policy which has as its purpose or effect a tendency to encourage employees to seek exemption from jury duty, or to directly or by indirection solicit or suggest to any employee that he seek exemption from jury duty, or to discriminate against any employee with respect to assignment, employment, promotion, or in any other manner because of such employee’s service on any jury panel. The board or personnel commission may, however, provide by rule that only a percentage of its staff, which percentage shall not be less than 2 percent, shall be granted such leave, with pay, at any one time. Nothing in the foregoing provisions shall preclude the district superintendent or his agent from discussing with the affected employee the practicality of seeking exemption when acceptance would tend to materially disrupt the district’s operations.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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