CA Educ Code Section 41863


The Superintendent of Public Instruction shall determine for each school district meeting the standards of Section 41862 the apportionment for that school district’s unreimbursed cost of home-to-school transportation in the prior fiscal year as follows:


Add the following amounts:


The home-to-school transportation allowance for the school district received pursuant to Sections 41851 and 41851.11 for the prior fiscal year.


The amount of funding received for the costs of transportation associated with court-ordered or voluntary desegregation programs.


Subtract from the sum computed pursuant to paragraph (1) all supplemental grant funding received in the prior fiscal year by the school district for home-to-school transportation or court-ordered or voluntary desegregation.


Subtract from the school district’s prior year’s approved costs of home-to-school transportation the amount computed pursuant to paragraph (2).


The Superintendent of Public Instruction shall calculate data for school districts within a joint powers authority as separate entities, but apportionments shall be the same as under existing law, provided that the joint powers authority submits in a timely fashion the data required by the superintendent to make the calculation.


In the event the funds appropriated for the purposes of this article are not sufficient to fully fund the formula established by this section, the amounts apportioned shall be reduced on a proportionate basis.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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