CA Educ Code Section 26113


“Creditable service” means any of the activities described in subdivision (b) performed for any of the following employers:


A prekindergarten through grade 12 employer, including the state, in a position requiring certification qualifications as designated in regulations adopted by the Commission on Teacher Credentialing pursuant to Section 44001.


A community college employer by a faculty member, as defined in Section 87003, in an academic position, as defined in subdivision (b) of Section 87001, or by an educational administrator, as defined in subdivision (b) of Section 87002, subject to the appropriate minimum standards adopted by the Board of Governors of the California Community Colleges pursuant to Section 87356, or pursuant to a contract between a community college district and the United States Department of Defense to provide vocational training.


A charter school employer under the provisions of an approved charter for the operation of a charter school for which the charter school is eligible to receive state apportionment.


The types of activities are any of the following:


The work of teachers, instructors, district interns, and academic employees employed in the instructional program for pupils, including special programs such as adult education, regional occupational programs, child care centers, and prekindergarten programs pursuant to Section 22161.


Education or vocational counseling, guidance, and placement services.


The work of employees who plan courses of study to be used in California public schools, or research connected with the evaluation or efficiency of the instructional program.


The selection, collection, preparation, classification, demonstration, or evaluation of instructional materials of any course of study for use in the development of the instructional program in California public schools, or other services related to California public school curriculum.


The examination, selection, in-service training, mentoring, or assignment of teachers, principals, or other similar personnel involved in the instructional program.


The work of nurses, physicians, speech therapists, psychologists, audiometrists, audiologists, and other California public school health professionals.


Services as a California public school librarian.


Activities connected with the enforcement of the laws relating to compulsory education, coordination of child welfare activities involving the school and the home, and the school adjustment of pupils.


The work of employees who are responsible for the supervision of persons or administration of the duties described in this subdivision.


Trustee service as described in Section 26403.


“Creditable service” also means any of the activities described in subdivision (b) when they are performed for an employer by:


Superintendents of California public schools, and presidents and chancellors of community college employers.


Consulting teachers employed by an employer to participate in the California Peer Assistance and Review Program for Teachers pursuant to Article 4.5 (commencing with Section 44500) of Chapter 3 of Part 25 of Division 3 of Title 2.


“Creditable service” also means the performance of California public school activities related to, and an outgrowth of, the instructional and guidance program of the California public school when performed for the same employer for which the member is performing any of the activities described in subdivision (b) or (c).


The board shall have final authority for determining creditable service to cover activities not already specified.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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