CA Educ Code Section 17250.15

For purposes of this chapter, the following definitions apply:


(1)“Best value” means a value determined by evaluation of objective criteria that may include, but are not limited to, price, features, functions, life-cycle costs, experience, and past performance.


A best value determination may involve the selection of the lowest cost proposal meeting the interests of the school district and the objectives of the project, selection of the best proposal for a stipulated sum established by the procuring school district, or a tradeoff between price and other factors.


“Construction subcontract” means a subcontract awarded by the design-build entity to a subcontractor that will perform work or labor or will render service to the design-build entity in or about the construction of the work or improvement, or a subcontractor licensed by the state which, under subcontract to the design-build entity, specially fabricates and installs a portion of the work or improvement according to detailed drawings contained in the plans and specifications produced by the design-build team.


“Design-build” means a project delivery process in which both the design and construction of a project are procured from a single entity.


“Design-build entity” means a corporation, limited liability company, partnership, joint venture, or other legal entity that is able to provide appropriately licensed contracting, architectural, and engineering services, as needed, pursuant to a design-build contract.


(1)“Design-build team” means the design-build entity and the individuals or other entities identified by the design-build entity as members of its team.


Members shall include the general contractor and, if utilized in the design of the project, all electrical, mechanical, and plumbing contractors.


“Project” means the construction of any school facility.
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