CA Corp Code Section 25234


No investment adviser licensed under this chapter shall in this state enter into, extend or renew any investment advisory contract, or in any way perform any investment advisory contract entered into, extended or renewed on or after the effective date of this law, if that contract:


Provides for compensation to the investment adviser on the basis of a share of capital gains upon or capital appreciation of the funds or any portion of the funds of the client, except as may be permitted by rule or order of the commissioner;


Fails to provide, in substance, that no assignment of the contract shall be made by the investment adviser without the consent of the other party to the contract;


Fails to provide, in substance, that the investment adviser, if a partnership, will notify the other party to the contract of any change in the membership of the partnership within a reasonable time after the change.


As used in this section, “investment advisory contract” means any contract or agreement whereby a person agrees to act as investment adviser or to manage any investment or trading account for a person other than an investment company. Paragraph (1) of subdivision (a) of this section does not prohibit an investment advisory contract that provides for compensation based upon the total value of a fund averaged over a definite period, or as of definite dates, or taken as of a definite date.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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