CA Corp Code Section 25230.1


A person that is registered under Section 203 of the Investment Advisers Act of 1940 as an investment adviser is not subject to the requirement of obtaining a certificate under Section 25230, but may not conduct business in this state unless the person has fewer than six clients as specified in Section 25202 or unless the person first complies with subdivision (b). An investment adviser representative that has a place of business in this state may be required to obtain a certificate pursuant to Section 25231.


A person subject to subdivision (a) shall:


File with the commissioner an annual notice, consisting of those documents filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission pursuant to the securities laws that the commissioner by rule or order deems appropriate or, in lieu thereof, a form prescribed by the commissioner, and a consent to service of process under Section 25240.


Pay the notice filing fee provided for in subdivision (d) of Section 25608.1.


No investment adviser representative, on behalf of an investment adviser subject to subdivision (a), may, in this state: offer or negotiate for the sale of investment advisory services of the investment adviser; determine which recommendations shall be made to, make recommendations to, or manage the accounts of, clients of the investment adviser; or determine the reports or analysis concerning securities to be published by the investment adviser, unless the investment adviser representative has complied with rules that the commissioner may adopt for the qualification and employment of investment adviser representatives.


Subdivision (a) does not prohibit the commissioner from investigating and bringing enforcement actions with respect to fraud or deceit, including and without limitation, fraud or deceit under Section 25235 and the rules of the commissioner adopted thereunder, against an investment adviser or an investment adviser representative.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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