CA Bus & Prof Code Section 7637

This article does not apply to the following cases or to the following persons:


A person acting with reference to an occasional sale of his or her own property.


The regular officers of a cemetery corporation holding a certificate of authority acting with reference to the corporation’s property when they receive no special compensation therefor.


Persons making an occasional sale under a duly executed power of attorney from others.


The services rendered by an attorney at law in performing his or her duties in that capacity.


A receiver, trustee in bankruptcy, any person acting under orders of any court, or a trustee selling under a deed of trust.


A real estate broker or real estate salesperson, acting in that capacity in connection with the sale, lease, or exchange of real property, or interest therein, when the transfer of cemetery property is purely incidental to the sale, lease, or exchange of real property.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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