CA Bus & Prof Code Section 7125.2

The failure of a licensee to obtain or maintain workers’ compensation insurance coverage, if required under this chapter, shall result in the automatic suspension of the license by operation of law in accordance with the provisions of this section, but this suspension shall not affect, alter, or limit the status of the licensee as an employer for purposes of Section 3716 of the Labor Code.


The license suspension imposed by this section is effective upon the earlier of either of the following:


On the date that the relevant workers’ compensation insurance coverage lapses.


On the date that workers’ compensation coverage is required to be obtained.


A licensee who is subject to suspension under paragraph (1) of subdivision (a) shall be provided a notice by the registrar that includes all of the following:


The reason for the license suspension and the effective date.


A statement informing the licensee that a pending suspension will be posted to the license record for not more than 45 days prior to the posting of any license suspension periods required under this article.


The procedures required to reinstate the license.


Reinstatement may be made at any time following the suspension by showing proof of compliance as specified in Sections 7125 and 7125.1.


In addition, with respect to an unlicensed individual acting in the capacity of a contractor who is not otherwise exempted from the provisions of this chapter, a citation may be issued by the registrar under Section 7028.7 for failure to comply with this article and to maintain workers’ compensation insurance. An opportunity for a hearing as specified in Section 7028.10 will be granted if requested within 15 working days after service of the citation.
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