CA Bus & Prof Code Section 7085.4


For cases that the registrar determines to refer to arbitration under subdivision (a) of Section 7085, once the complainant and the licensee authorize the registrar to proceed with administrative arbitration, the registrar shall refer the agreement to arbitrate to an arbitrator or an arbitration association approved by the board.


Once the registrar determines that a complaint must be referred to arbitration pursuant to subdivision (b) of Section 7085, the registrar shall notify the complainant and the licensee of that decision. The registrar shall inform the parties of the consequences of administrative arbitration over judicial remedies and shall advise the parties of their right to retain counsel at their own expense if they so choose. The registrar shall forward a notice to arbitrate to the complainant and the licensee. This notice shall be returned to the registrar within 30 calendar days of the date that the notice is mailed by the registrar. The complainant’s failure to return an executed copy of the notice shall result in the closure of the complaint. Notwithstanding Section 7085.5, a licensee’s failure to return an executed copy of the notice shall not prohibit the registrar from referring the dispute to arbitration or bar the registrar from issuing an order enforcing any award resulting therefrom, pursuant to Section 7085.6, whether the award resulted from a contested hearing or a noncontested hearing.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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