CA Bus & Prof Code Section 6013.1


The Supreme Court shall appoint five attorney members of the board pursuant to a process that the Supreme Court may prescribe. These attorney members shall serve for a term of three years and may be reappointed by the Supreme Court for one additional term only.


An attorney member elected pursuant to Section 6013.2 may be appointed by the Supreme Court pursuant to this section to a term as an appointed attorney member.


The Supreme Court shall fill any vacancy in the term of, and make any reappointment of, any appointed attorney member.


When making appointments to the board, the Supreme Court should consider appointing attorneys that represent the following categories: legal services; small firm or solo practitioners; historically underrepresented groups, including consideration of race, ethnicity, gender, and sexual orientation; and legal academics. In making appointments to the board, the Supreme Court should also consider geographic distribution, years of practice, particularly attorneys who are within the first five years of practice or 36 years of age and under, and participation in voluntary local or state bar activities.


The State Bar shall be responsible for carrying out the administrative responsibilities related to the appointment process described in subdivision (a).
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Aug. 19, 2023

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