CA Bus & Prof Code Section 4511.2

The board shall deny the application for approval made by, and shall revoke the approval given to, any psychiatric technician school that does not give to student applicants credit, in the fields of nursing and psychiatric technician practice, for previous education and the opportunity to obtain credit for other acquired knowledge by the use of challenge examinations or other methods of evaluation.
The board shall prescribe, by regulation, the education for which credit is to be given and the amount of credit that is to be given for each type of education, including the amount of credit to be given to a psychiatric technician assistant, a certified nurse assistant, a nurse assistant who has provided direct nursing services in health facilities, and an applicant who has successfully completed equivalent courses offered by a secondary school that is accredited by the State Department of Education in any state or by a nationally recognized, regional accrediting body. These courses shall be assessed for equivalency by the psychiatric technician school.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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