CA Bus & Prof Code Section 4192


Each clinic that makes an application for a license under this article shall show evidence that the professional director is responsible for the safe, orderly, and lawful provision of pharmacy services. In carrying out the professional director’s responsibilities, a consulting pharmacist shall be retained to approve the policies and procedures in conjunction with the professional director and the administrator. In addition, the consulting pharmacist shall be required to visit the clinic regularly and at least quarterly. However, nothing in this section shall prohibit the consulting pharmacist from visiting more than quarterly to review the application of policies and procedures based on the agreement of all the parties approving the policies and procedures.


The consulting pharmacist shall certify in writing quarterly that the clinic is, or is not, operating in compliance with the requirements of this article. Each completed written certification shall be kept on file in the clinic for three years and shall include recommended corrective actions, if appropriate.


For the purposes of this article, “professional director” means a physician and surgeon acting in his or her capacity as medical director or a dentist or podiatrist acting in his or her capacity as a director in a clinic where only dental or podiatric services are provided.


Licensed clinics shall notify the board within 30 days of any change in professional director on a form furnished by the board.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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