CA Bus & Prof Code Section 2872.2


An applicant for license by examination shall submit a written application in the form prescribed by the board.


If the application for licensure by examination is received by the board no later than four months after completion of a board-approved nursing program and approval of the application, the board may issue an interim permit authorizing the applicant to practice vocational nursing pending the results of the first licensing examination, or for a period of nine months, whichever occurs first. An applicant may submit an application for an interim permit at the same time as the applicant submits his or her application for licensure by examination. The board shall make a decision whether to issue the interim permit and, if the board decides to issue the interim permit, shall issue the interim permit to the applicant within 60 days of receiving the completed application.


If the applicant passes the examination, the interim permit shall remain in effect until an initial license is issued by the board or for a maximum period of six months after passing the examination, whichever occurs first. If the applicant fails the examination, the interim permit shall terminate upon notice by certified mail, return receipt requested, or if the applicant fails to receive the notice, upon the date specified in the interim permit, whichever occurs first.


A permittee shall function under the supervision of a licensed vocational nurse or a registered nurse, who shall be present and available on the premises during the time the permittee is rendering professional services. The supervising licensed vocational nurse or registered nurse may delegate to the permittee any function taught in the permittee’s basic nursing program.


An interim permittee shall not use any title or designation other than vocational nurse interim permittee or “V.N.I.P.”
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Aug. 19, 2023

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