CA Bus & Prof Code Section 26180

Each licensing authority shall establish a scale of application, licensing, and renewal fees, based upon the cost of enforcing this division, as follows:


Each licensing authority shall charge each licensee a licensure and renewal fee, as applicable. The licensure and renewal fee shall be calculated to cover the costs of administering this division. The licensure fee may vary depending upon the varying costs associated with administering the various regulatory requirements of this division as they relate to the nature and scope of the different licensure activities, including, but not limited to, the track and trace program required pursuant to Section 26170, but shall not exceed the reasonable regulatory costs to the licensing authority.


The total fees assessed pursuant to this division shall be set at an amount that will fairly and proportionately generate sufficient total revenue to fully cover the total costs of administering this division.


All license fees shall be set on a scaled basis by the licensing authority, dependent on the size of the business.


The licensing authority shall deposit all fees collected in a fee account specific to that licensing authority, to be established in the Marijuana Control Fund. Moneys in the licensing authority fee accounts shall be used, upon appropriation by the Legislature, by the designated licensing authority for the administration of this division.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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