CA Bus & Prof Code Section 19632

All license fees for conducting horseracing meetings, other than those attributable to breakage, not payable into the Fair and Exposition Fund shall be paid as follows:


During each fiscal year there shall be paid into the Wildlife Restoration Fund, which fund is hereby continued in existence, to carry out the provisions of the Wildlife Conservation Act of 1947, the sum of seven hundred fifty thousand dollars ($750,000).


During each fiscal year there is appropriated to the Department of Education the sum of five hundred thousand dollars ($500,000), or so much thereof as may be requested by the Superintendent of Public Instruction, to maintain and strengthen statewide secondary vocational student organizations authorized and sponsored by the Department of Education in agriculture, business, home economics, and industrial education. The Superintendent of Public Instruction shall develop a budget procedure for the disbursement of funds appropriated under this section to ensure equal treatment of participating students and to further ensure that such funds do not supplant existing money currently provided from other public sources. The appropriated money shall be used for the following purposes:


Improving the ability of the Department of Education to equip vocational education students with competencies necessary to enter the labor market and to assume successful roles in society by conducting leadership development programs for student officers; preparing instructional materials for teacher advisors; maintaining student membership and financial records; giving in-service training to the vocational teachers who advise the student organizations; maintaining affiliation with national vocational student organizations; and supplying support services necessary to carry out these activities.


Training and preparing new and future vocational education teachers to organize, manage, and conduct vocational education student organization activities as an instructional strategy in the vocational curriculum by providing an opportunity for their involvement in actual participatory experiences in vocational student organization activities and by conducting college and university workshops to accomplish this purpose.


Training and preparing vocational students to take an active part in developing and participating in vocational fairs and other activities related to fairs for the purpose specified in Section 51004 of the Education Code by cooperating with the Department of Food and Agriculture to conduct annually a statewide workshop for this purpose. The Department of Education shall include within the report required pursuant to subdivision (a) of Section 8007.5 of the Education Code, a report on the activities funded pursuant to this subdivision.


Except as otherwise provided by this article, the remainder shall be paid into the General Fund in the State Treasury.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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