CA Bus & Prof Code Section 10088

After the filing of a desist and refrain order or a bar order, or the commencement of a formal disciplinary action by the commissioner, and upon a finding by the commissioner that action is warranted for the protection of the public, and that failure to act is likely to result in grievous harm to the public, the commissioner may make information public confirming the fact of an investigation or proceeding regarding a licensee or unlicensed person believed to be engaging in activities for which a real estate license is required. Any release that contains the identity of a person or business under investigation shall include language explaining that the subject of the release is entitled to a public hearing on the merits of the desist and refrain order, bar order, or accusation or accusations against that person or business. The release may also clarify the procedural aspects and current status of the investigation or proceeding.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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