CA Bus & Prof Code Section 10084.1


Notwithstanding Section 10450.6, on or before January 1, 1991, the department, using funds appropriated from the Education and Research Account in the Real Estate Fund, shall develop a booklet to educate and inform consumers on all of the following:


Common environmental hazards that are located on, and affect, real property. The types of common environmental hazards shall include, but not be limited to, asbestos, radon gas, lead-based paint, formaldehyde, fuel and chemical storage tanks, and water and soil contamination.


The significance of common environmental hazards and what can be done to mitigate these hazards.


What sources can provide more information on common environmental hazards for the consumer.


The department shall seek the advice of the State Department of Health Services to assist it in determining the contents of the booklet prepared pursuant to this section, and shall seek the assistance of the State Department of Health Services in the writing of the booklet.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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