CA Bus & Prof Code Section 10081.5

Whenever the commissioner believes from evidence satisfactory to him or her that any real estate licensee has violated or is about to violate, the provisions of Section 10145, the commissioner may bring an action in the name of the people of the State of California, in the superior court of the State of California, to enjoin the licensee from continuing the violation or engaging therein or doing any act or acts in furtherance thereof. In the event the commissioner has conducted an audit which reflects commingling or conversion of trust funds in excess of ten thousand dollars ($10,000), the court may enter an order restraining the licensee from doing any act or acts in furtherance thereof, and from further exercising the privileges of his or her license pending further order of the court, provided that a hearing shall be held on the order within five days after the date thereof. After such hearing in the manner provided by law, an order may be entered appointing a receiver, or such other order as the court may deem proper. The order appointing the receiver shall specify the source of the funds from which the fees of the receiver and the costs of administering the receivership are to be paid. Unless provided for in the order, the commissioner shall not be liable for payment of the fees or costs. A receiver appointed by the court pursuant to this section may, with the approval of the court, exercise all of the powers of the licensee or its officers, directors, partners, trustees, or persons who exercise similar powers and perform similar duties, including the filing of a petition for bankruptcy of the licensee.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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