CA Welf & Inst Code Section 7513.1

The charge for the care and treatment of all developmentally disabled persons at state hospitals for the developmentally disabled for whom there is liability to pay therefor shall be determined pursuant to Section 4431. The Director of Developmental Services may reduce, cancel, or remit the amount to be paid by the person, estate, or the relative, as the case may be, liable for the care and treatment of any developmentally disabled person who is a patient at a state hospital for the developmentally disabled, on satisfactory proof that the person, estate, or relative, as the case may be, is unable to pay the cost of such care and treatment or that the amount is uncollectible. In any case where there has been a payment under this section, and such payment or any part thereof is refunded because of the death, leave of absence, or discharge of any patient of such hospital, such amount shall be paid by the hospital or the State Department of Developmental Services to the person who made the payment upon demand, and in the statement to the Controller the amounts refunded shall be itemized and the aggregate deducted from the amount to be paid into the State Treasury, as provided by law. If any person dies at any time while his or her estate is liable for his or her care and treatment at a state hospital, the claim for the amount due may be presented to the executor or administrator of his or her estate, and paid as a preferred claim, with the same rank in order of preference, as claims for expenses of last illness.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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