CA Welf & Inst Code Section 636.1


When a minor is detained pursuant to Section 636 following a finding by the court that continuance in the home is contrary to the minor’s welfare and the minor is at risk of entering foster care, the probation officer shall, within 60 calendar days of initial removal, or by the date of the disposition hearing, whichever occurs first, complete a case plan.


If the probation officer believes that reasonable efforts by the minor, his or her parent or legal guardian, and the probation officer will enable the minor to safely return home, the case plan shall focus on those issues and activities associated with those efforts, including a description of the strengths and needs of the minor and his or her family and identification of the services that will be provided to the minor and his or her family in order to reduce or eliminate the need for the minor to be placed in foster care and make it possible for the minor to safely return to his or her home.


If, based on the information available to the probation officer, the probation officer believes that foster care placement is the most appropriate disposition, the case plan shall include all the information required by Section 706.6.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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