CA Welf & Inst Code Section 368

In a case where the residence of a dependent child of the juvenile court is out of the state and in another state or foreign country, or in a case where that child is a resident of this state but his or her parents, relatives, guardian, or person charged with his or her custody is in another state, the court may order that child sent to his or her parents, relatives, or guardian, or to the person charged with his or her custody, or, if the child is a resident of a foreign country, to an official of a juvenile court of that foreign country or an agency of a country authorized to accept the child, and in that case may order transportation and accommodation furnished, with or without an attendant, as the court deems necessary. If the court deems an attendant necessary, the court may order the social worker or other suitable person to serve as the attendant. The social worker shall authorize the necessary expenses of the child and of the attendant and claims therefor shall be audited, allowed and paid in the same manner as other county claims.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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