California Welfare and Institutions Code
Sec. § 24011


Providers shall submit claims for reimbursement for services provided on or after January 1, 1997, or receipt of notice from the department, whichever is later, and covered by this program, to the fiscal intermediary of the department for payment. Charges and individual information shall be submitted on the form or in the format specified by the department for the state-only family planning program, and providers shall be reimbursed at the rates established for those services by the department.


The department shall use existing contractual claims processing services in order to promote efficiency and to maximize use of funds.


Claims for state-only family planning services provided through prescription, including laboratory and pharmaceutical, shall be reimbursed in a manner determined by the department. Eligible individuals shall not be charged for any state-only family planning laboratory or pharmaceutical services.


Claims for method-related complications requiring approved treatment authorization requests shall be reimbursed regardless of category of medical service.
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