CA Welf & Inst Code Section 1975


The authority shall adhere to its duly adopted regulations for the approval or disapproval of local youthful offender rehabilitative facilities. The authority also shall consider cost-effectiveness in determining approval or disapproval. No state moneys shall be encumbered in contracts let by a participating county until either final architectural plans and specifications have been approved by the authority, and subsequent construction bids have been received, or documents prepared by a participating county pursuant to paragraph (1) of subdivision (d) of Section 20133 of the Public Contract Code have been approved by the Corrections Standards Authority, and a design-build contract has been awarded pursuant to that section. The review and approval of plans, specifications, or other documents by the authority are for the purpose of ensuring proper administration of moneys and determination of whether the project specifications comply with law and regulation. The authority may require changes in construction materials to enhance safety and security if materials proposed at the time of final plans and specifications are not essential and customary as used statewide for facilities of the same security level. Participating counties are responsible for the acquisition, design, renovation, construction, staffing, operation, repair, and maintenance of the project.


The authority shall establish minimum standards and funding schedules and procedures, which shall take into consideration, but not be limited to, all of the following:


Certification by a participating county of project site control through either fee simple ownership of the site or comparable long-term possession of the site, and right of access to the project sufficient to ensure undisturbed use and possession.


Documentation of need for the project.


A written project proposal.


Submittal of a staffing plan for the project, including operational cost projections and documentation that the local youthful offender rehabilitative facility will be able to be safety staffed and operated within 90 days of completion.


Submittal of architectural drawings, which shall be approved by the authority for compliance with minimum youthful offender rehabilitation facility standards and which also shall be approved by the State Fire Marshal for compliance with fire safety and life safety requirements.


Documentation evidencing the filing by a participating county of a final notice of determination on its environmental impact report.


Provisions intended to maintain the tax-exempt status of the bonds, notes, or bond anticipation notes issued by the board.
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