CA Welf & Inst Code Section 18293


In order to be eligible for funding pursuant to this chapter, a domestic violence shelter-based program shall demonstrate its ability to receive and make use of any funds available from governmental, voluntary, philanthropic, or other sources that may be used to augment any state or county funds appropriated for the purposes of this chapter. Each domestic violence shelter-based program shall make every attempt to qualify the domestic violence shelter-based program for any available federal funding.


No provision of this section is intended to prohibit domestic violence shelter-based programs receiving funds pursuant to this chapter from receiving additional funds from any other public or private source. Funds provided pursuant to this chapter shall not be used to reduce the financial support from other public or private sources.


Proposed or existing domestic violence shelter-based programs that meet the requirements set forth in Section 18294, shall receive funding pursuant to this chapter upon the approval of the local board of supervisors.


Funding shall be given to agencies and organizations whose primary function is to administer domestic violence shelter-based programs. Any additional fees received by Alameda County, Contra Costa County, Solano County, and the City of Berkeley at the time of issuance of a marriage license pursuant to Sections 18308, 18309, 18309.5, and 18309.6 that are in excess of the twenty-three dollar ($23) fee collected pursuant to this act, shall be available to that city or county for funding domestic violence programs other than domestic violence shelter-based programs.


Prior to approving a domestic violence shelter-based program or programs for this funding, the board shall consult with individuals and groups that have expertise in the problems of domestic violence and in the operation of domestic violence shelter-based programs including operations of existing domestic violence shelter-based programs.


Upon approving one or more domestic violence shelter-based programs for funding, the board shall direct the county treasurer to disburse moneys from the county’s domestic violence shelter-based program special fund and for funding, the board shall designate a local agency to monitor the domestic violence shelter-based program or programs. This monitoring shall include information regarding the number of persons requesting services, the number of persons receiving services according to the type of services provided, and the need, if any, for additional services or staffing.


Programs that receive funding through this chapter shall, to the extent feasible, provide services to persons with a physical disability who are victims of domestic violence. If the program cannot provide the services, then the program’s staff, to the extent feasible, shall assist in referring the person with a physical disability to other programs and services in the community where assistance may be obtained.


The process to determine eligibility of a domestic violence shelter-based program to receive funding pursuant to this chapter shall have as its primary purpose to ascertain that the program meets the service requirements of Section 18294. The process shall be expedient and shall include a mechanism for annual recertification.


Funding obtained pursuant to this chapter is for the unrestricted use of a recipient domestic violence shelter-based program, and may be used for direct and indirect costs.
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