CA Welf & Inst Code Section 14550.5

Adult day health care centers shall offer, and provide directly on the premises, in accordance with the participant’s individual plan of care, and subject to authorization pursuant to Section 14526, the following core services to each participant during each day of the participant’s attendance at the center:


One or more of the following professional nursing services:


Observation, assessment, and monitoring of the participant’s general health status and changes in his or her condition, risk factors, and the participant’s specific medical, cognitive, or mental health condition or conditions upon which admission to the adult day health care center was based.


Monitoring and assessment of the participant’s medication regimen, administration and recording of the participant’s prescribed medications, and intervention, as needed, based upon the assessment and the participant’s reactions to his or her medications.


Oral or written communication with the participant’s personal health care provider, other qualified health care or social service provider, or the participant’s family or other caregiver, regarding changes in the participant’s condition, signs, or symptoms.


Supervision of the provision of personal care services for the participant, and assistance, as needed.


Provision of skilled nursing care and intervention, within scope of practice, to participants, as needed, based upon an assessment of the participant, his or her ability to provide self-care while at the adult day health care center, and any health care provider orders.


One or both of the following core personal care services or social services:


One or both of the following personal care services:


Supervision of, or assistance with, activities of daily living or instrumental activities of daily living.


Protective group supervision and interventions to assure participant safety and to minimize the risk of injury, accident, inappropriate behavior, or wandering.


One or more of the following social services provided by the adult day health care center social worker or social worker assistant:


Observation, assessment, and monitoring of the participant’s psychosocial status.


Group work to address psychosocial issues.


Care coordination.


At least one of the following therapeutic activities provided by the adult day health care center activity coordinator or other trained adult day health care center personnel:


Group or individual activities to enhance the social, physical, or cognitive functioning of the participant.


Facilitated participation in group or individual activities for those participants whose frailty or cognitive functioning level precludes them from active participation in scheduled activities.


One meal per day of attendance, in accordance with Section 54331 of Title 22 of the California Code of Regulations, unless the participant declines the meal or medical contraindications exist, as documented in the participant’s health record, that prohibit the ingestion of the meal.
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