CA Welf & Inst Code Section 14087.46


The department shall implement a dental managed care program for Medi-Cal beneficiaries to achieve major cost savings, while ensuring access and quality of care, pursuant to this section.


The department shall issue a request for proposals and award contracts on a competitive basis to one or more dental health care service contractors licensed pursuant to the Knox-Keene Health Care Service Act of 1975 (Chapter 2.2 (commencing with Section 1340) of Division 2 of the Health and Safety Code) in each county or region that the department determines to be feasible. The department may contract with county organized health systems.


To ensure access and continuity of care, the department shall award contracts only to plans that agree to negotiate in good faith and subcontract with any provider who agrees to provide dental services to Medi-Cal beneficiaries at a reimbursement rate comparable to that paid by the plan to other participating providers. Plans shall contract whenever feasible with traditional and safety net providers of dental services to Medi-Cal beneficiaries. In evaluating the plans, the department shall assign favorable weighting to contractors that include traditional and safety net providers.


The department shall implement a process to inform all Medi-Cal beneficiaries of their choices of participating dentists and to allow a beneficiary to chose or change his or her participating dentist.


The department shall make every effort to achieve operational contracts to place all Medi-Cal beneficiaries in dental managed care by October 1, 1995. The department may determine which counties or categories of Medi-Cal beneficiaries are to be included in the dental managed care program. If the department has achieved one or more operational managed care contracts in a county or region, fee-for-service dental services shall not be an option for selection by a beneficiary, except that the department may provide for fee-for-service dental care if needed to ensure adequate access in rural or underserved areas, or for unique populations.


The department shall require all participating plans to provide, at a minimum, the full scope of dental benefits pursuant to state and federal law.


In order to achieve maximum cost savings, the Legislature hereby determines that an expedited contract process for contracts under this section is necessary. Therefore, contracts under this section shall be exempt from the Public Contract Code.


Medi-Cal beneficiaries shall be able to receive their dental care from federally qualified health centers and rural health clinics certified pursuant to Public Law 95-210 that provide dental care in their service area. At the time of informing the Medi-Cal beneficiary of his or her choices of participating dentists, the beneficiary shall be informed of this option. Federally qualified health centers and rural health clinics shall continue to be reimbursed for dental services through the medical payment system in accordance with federal regulations.


The department shall monitor the implementation of dental managed care, and for each of the first three years of implementation, shall annually evaluate the program on a county-by-county basis in terms of access, quality of care, and cost savings. The evaluation shall be provided to the Legislature within 120 days of the close of each of the three fiscal years.


The department shall seek all federal waivers necessary to allow for federal financial participation in the program implemented pursuant to this section. This article shall not be implemented unless and until the director has executed a declaration, to be retained by the director, that approval of all necessary federal waivers have been obtained by the department.
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