CA Welf & Inst Code Section 11466.1


(1)The department shall adopt regulations that shall specify the type of information requested from group homes, including reasonable timeframes. All group home providers shall upon request of the department for any records, or for any information contained in records pertaining to an individual group home program, make the requested records or information available to the department for inspection or copying. The information required to be made available pursuant to this section shall include, but not be limited to, information necessary to establish a rate, collect group home provider sustained overpayments in a timely and efficient manner, or to perform a fiscal or program audit. This section shall not be construed to modify applicable rules of confidentiality.


Group home providers, upon request of the department, shall allow timely access to a group home provider’s records and facilities in order to conduct a fiscal or program audit.


Group home providers shall allow the department immediate access to group home program information or access to a facility if the deputy director of the children and family services division of the department serves the group home provider with notice that, in the opinion of the deputy director, the immediate access to a facility or group home program information is required based on one of the following conditions or circumstances:


A temporary suspension order has been served on a group home provider.


Based on reliable evidence, the department has a valid basis for believing that proceedings have been, or will shortly be, instituted against a group home provider in a state or federal court for purposes of determining whether the provider is insolvent or bankrupt under appropriate state or federal law.


A group home provider is, or will shortly be taking, action that might reasonably hinder or defeat the department’s ability to collect overpayments in the future.


The department shall adopt regulations that specify timeframes and penalties for failure to submit requested information or allow facility access that may include reduction or termination of the AFDC-FC rate. Penalties shall not be imposed until the group home has been given a reasonable opportunity to respond or provide access.


The department shall apply and enforce only those statutes and regulations that are made available to group home providers, in writing, for any period for which a rate is effective.


The department shall consult with representatives of group home providers concerning the development of those standards and the modification of existing standards. Group home providers shall receive written notice of, and have the opportunity to comment upon, new and modified standards proposed by the department.


The department shall make available to group home providers, in writing, any new or modified standards prior to the beginning of the period upon which a rate is calculated, if possible, or as quickly as it is administratively practical to do so. Notwithstanding subdivisions (b) and (c), in the event of an unanticipated circumstance or unusual expenditure, the department may exercise its discretion in interpreting what is an allowable or a reasonable expenditure. However, the department shall make those interpretations available to group home providers, in writing, as quickly as it is practical to do so.
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