CA Welf & Inst Code Section 11006.6


The department may establish and operate a central benefit issuance system in one or more counties whereby grants in aid paid pursuant to this part or any other program administered by the department and cash payments under CalFresh may be issued directly to the recipient by the Controller. Warrants representing payments under this system shall be drawn on the Central Benefit Issuance Fund. In counties where the central benefit issuance system is in operation, Sections 15150, 15150.5, 15151, and 15153, and any other related section shall not apply with respect to benefits.


(1)In a case of emergency or immediate need by a recipient that cannot be addressed in a timely manner, as set forth in existing law, by issuance of a Controller’s warrant, those counties, acting as agents for the department, shall authorize payment to be issued by the Central Benefit Issuance System directly to recipients from a department account designated for that purpose.


Any check issued pursuant to paragraph (1) that remains unpaid for 180 days after it becomes payable shall be void and shall be canceled by the department and redeposited to the account from which it is drawn. The department shall cause to be printed prominently on the face of any check issued pursuant to paragraph (1) a notice of the requirements of this paragraph.


The department shall ensure that aid issued through a central benefit issuance system is delivered timely and that the system does not reduce the accessibility of benefits and services to the recipient.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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