CA Water Code Section 79721

The projects eligible for funding pursuant to this chapter shall help improve water quality for a beneficial use. The purposes of this chapter are to:


Reduce contaminants in drinking water supplies regardless of the source of the water or the contamination.


Assess and prioritize the risk of contamination to drinking water supplies.


Address the critical and immediate needs of disadvantaged, rural, or small communities that suffer from contaminated drinking water supplies, including, but not limited to, projects that address a public health emergency.


Leverage other private, federal, state, and local drinking water quality and wastewater treatment funds.


Reduce contaminants in discharges to, and improve the quality of, waters of the state.


Prevent further contamination of drinking water supplies.


Provide disadvantaged communities with public drinking water infrastructure that provides clean, safe, and reliable drinking water supplies that the community can sustain over the long term.


Ensure access to clean, safe, reliable, and affordable drinking water for California’s communities.


Meet primary and secondary safe drinking water standards or remove contaminants identified by the state or federal government for development of a primary or secondary drinking water standard.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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